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Important Announcement!

Welcome to the Site! Make sure to Register first to get access to all the Features. I know the site is empty at the moment but what site isn't empty in the beginning? :P Click here to read the FAQ. The FAQ will answer the majority of the questions that you have such as "Allowed Signature Size and Avatar Size". Please click here to read the Rules and see what is allowed and what not. Thank you for joining! Have fun posting, help us fill the site with love and art!


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Topics I've Started

Logo Request <3

01 July 2015 - 05:18 PM

Project were looking to start here and we need a logo.

Name: Si Señor
Slogan: Mexican Grill

Logo needs to be primarily lettering. Needs to feel modern, simple, and fresh... But still needs to display a sense of Mexican identity but, not be stereotypical.

OC Created Content

07 June 2015 - 02:41 AM


OneCanvas Created Content


OneCanvas Created Content is a project to generate custom, quality graphics tutorials for the OneCanvas community. Tutorials are user created, hosted, and displayed exclusively by OneCanvas.


How it works:

Users create tutorials with the OC Branding (See branding guidelines) on easy and intermediate concepts.

Upload tutorials to the OC Video management system and wait for approval.

Once approved, encourage your friends join OC for exclusive content created by you and others!


End goal for the OC Created Content project is to begin to generate premium content and content targeting VIP users. Initially all content will be available to anyone with an OC account with advanced content in the future being targeted to VIP users.



Other than our undying love, user will be rewarded VIP time based on a set criteria (to be determined) as a thank you for helping the community grow. A nifty forum award will also be yours too. We hope to be able to feature parts of more popular videos on YouTube as a lure for new members.


Branding Guidelines:

To keep a level of brand recognition and consistency all videos will need to have the OC logo prominently displayed for at-least 5 seconds at the start of the video. All videos are encouraged to vocally mention OneCanvas near the beginning of the video as well.


Users may also place their own project logo next to the initial OC logo at an equal or smaller size.

Crappy example logo would be this... But you get the idea.



At the end of the video a simple credits page should list any resources used in the image along with a link to OneCanvas.net. On this page you're welcome to list your own Website, youtube, OC profile, etc, etc.

Wait... Did we we forget the confetti?

11 October 2014 - 10:44 AM

Holy crap! OC has turned 1! Our birthday was October 9th the date we were registered. Went right past us!


Happy Birthday graphical minions!


It's been a fun year. We've hit just around 2,700 users. Amassed nearly 42,000 posts and had a pretty fabulous time.


Thank you all for making OC what it's become!


07 September 2014 - 06:36 AM

Welcome to the battleground!

This section is meant for users to compete against other users based on a set theme per-determined by the participants.



  • All battles MUST be within a mutually agreed upon context and clearly stated. Please work out ALL the details before posting.
  • ONLY post your finished works here for them to be voted on. (You may use the poll system).
  • Do not create any competition that contains more than 3 individual entries or two groups of two. This should never be in competition to SOTW.
  • When creating a post clearly state the rules that you agreed upon so other may judge your work based on the criteria you set forth.


Please note that no awards are given out for competitions in this area so please be creative with how you award each other! 

Make sure to establish all important details (canvas size, style) etc. You're welcome to do signature based or large scale manipulations.


Please view the sample post to give you're an ideal template.

Stock Site Names!

30 August 2014 - 12:16 AM

Help us come up with names! We're making progress on starting our stock site and would like to see what you folks have in terms of ideas for what to name it. OneCanvas.net was started through a community project to name the site... and we want to try it again!


So lets get some ground rules over with... Please do not suggest a name that is similar in any way to a current stock site or one of our sites. (The words Canvas and Baka can not be used as an example).  Make sure the name is medium neutral. (Example: Do not use the word photo or image). Make sure to be creative in the name. It doesn't have to imply that the site is for stock content. You're welcome to suggest as many names you can think of... just try to make one large post and not a bunch of small ones. 


Make sure your name is unique and has brandability. We want to be able to create an image. (Rawr.es is an example with our Dinosaur Walrus).


Think outside of the box, the name does not have to, in this case, imply what the site is through only the name.


Legal Note: You understand that by suggesting any name you relinquish any rights rights to use that name and allow us exclusivity to use it without compensation.