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Photoshop problem ... >.<

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Posted 24 October 2015 - 12:53 PM

So i have this very annoying bug on Photoshop and was hoping that someone could help me, because it's holding me back from doing my projects.

Okay so a weird 'ghost image' keeps appearing.
When i make a mask from a selection, everything is clear. BUT, when i take the brush to correct the mask, and add some black (or white depending of the mask) in the mask to cover some parts of the image, a ghost image appears, like it's not removing it all. My color is a pure black or pure white and the opacity of the brush is 100% so that's not the problem.

Here are some images :

If I import my file into the computers at school, the problem is easily fixed. I just take the brush and erase the ghost image. And it's not only a .psd problem, if i save the image to .jpg or any other extension on my computer, the ghost image remains. Now excuse me if my explanation isn't very clear. If needed i could upload a video... A big thanks to those who will take some time to help <3

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