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Important Announcement!

Welcome to the Site! Make sure to Register first to get access to all the Features. I know the site is empty at the moment but what site isn't empty in the beginning? :P Click here to read the FAQ. The FAQ will answer the majority of the questions that you have such as "Allowed Signature Size and Avatar Size". Please click here to read the Rules and see what is allowed and what not. Thank you for joining! Have fun posting, help us fill the site with love and art!



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Posted 11 October 2013 - 05:48 AM

How many images am I allowed in my signature?

One image for Regular Members and three for VIPs.


What is the maximum signature size?

Currently it is set to 500x500 for Regular Members and 600x600 for VIP.


What is the maximum Avatar size?

The maximum avatar size is 150x200 .


Signatures are too big can I hide them?

You can hide all signatures by going to My Settings → Ignore Preferences and selecting the proper check box. Alternatively, you can click an X on the right hand side of signatures you want to ignore individually.


Can I customize my profile?

At the moment only VIPs have access to premium profile modifications (Backgrounds etc.).


How do I become a mod?

Please see this topic: http://onecanvas.net...n-applications/


How do I become a VIP and what do VIPs get?

Please see this topic: http://onecanvas.net...vip-membership/


How do I upgrade to become a Regular Member?

Make 20 posts within the site to upgrade from a New Member to a Regular Member.


How do I change the color of my topics name?

Currently this is reserved for staff.


How do I make my name rainbow?

You can't! D:<


Can I change my Member Title?

Member Titles are a VIP feature.


There is a contest going on... Can I participate?

Unless otherwise specified all members can participate in contests.


Can I start a contest?

Please contact a staff member before starting any contests. Any unapproved ones may be be removed.


I found some great graphics, can I post them?

Please refrain from contributing content that is not yours. You don't want people getting mad at you now do you?


Can I advertise my website?

You're allowed to post a link in your signature, however posting only links to your site in threads or creating a thread about your site is prohibited.


Can I change my Username?

If you are a Regular Member you can change your name after you get 500 Posts and only once every 3 Months.

If you are a VIP you can change it once a day forever.

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