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The Giving Game

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Posted 09 January 2014 - 03:25 PM

How this works is someone posts a picture and chooses something in or related to the picture to give away to whoever posts next. Then that person does the same and the game goes on like that. 




Person 1: Posts a picture of the Terminator holding chain gun. He says the Terminator giving all the bullets that come out of it to the person below.


Person 2: Receives all the bullets... and probrably a few (a lot of) bullet holes too. Then he posts a picture of a cute puppy sitting in a field of grass. He's giving away a blade grass in the picture!


Person 3: Get's the blade of grass... more likely wishing he had the puppy instead. He posts a picture of a bunch of people having a party! Someone in the party giving away an invitation to said party!


And continues like that. If you'd like, you can keep a list of all the presents you've gotten in s spoiler.


And feel free to be creative with your responses! Don't be that boring guy that says "I got this" *posts a picture* "You get that" all in a monotone sounding voice. Be cool, be the fun guy!



And to start....



This lovely little girl would like to play a game of tag with you... and she's it! If you survive she promises to give you her hat... oh and... apparently you're playing weather you want to or not.


List of presents received:



"Come oooon, a little insanity never hurt anyone! Well... except for that one guy, but never mind him!" -superBlast


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